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Luxury real estate in Normandy
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Luxury real estate in Normandy

Region - Normandy

Normandy, takes its name from the derivative of the Norman word which means « man of the North », name first appeared in the song of Roland, 12th century, honor of chivalry, of feudalism and faith, were the lead words. Normandy region is one of the richest region in France and ranked 8th for tourism. 

Normandy is also very rich not only due to the Bocage Normand, the Pays d’Auge and its farm  lands  but also by its Architecture from the 11th to the 18th century, mixing Roman Art, the Art of Gothic, the Renaissance and  the Classicism.

Rich for its gastronomy is also well world know for, its apples, cider, sea food, meat and dairy regions (the best cheese in the world come from our region).

Rich for its painting; a real source of inspiration for impressionist painters. Claude Monet, Eugène Boudin developed with honor and pride this region.

Gustave Flaubert and Guy de Maupassant world known writers

But  also rich  for its beaches and its seaside landscape, more than 600 kms of sandy beaches,  the English channel, and also famous during the landing of June 6, 1944,. d 

Passion for the equine world « Normandy land of horses », racing, jumping, farming, Polo, Normandy was the host of the last World Equestrian Games.

Deauville in a few lines….

In 1850, Deauville is a small agricultural village, overlooking the sea and   wetlands.
But  Napoleon III step-brother, the Duke of Morny, realize the qualities of the place: near Paris, three kilometers of fine sand, 160 hectares of land unbuilt.

He decided  with the help of some partners to build a resort. Soon rise villas, gardens, tennis courts, hotels and  palaces. Quickly, the Parisian high society discovers the virtues of the sea and the benefits of the air. In 1864,  racetrack is built and   in 1912 the installation of a casino,  Deauville becomes a place of fun and game.

Full of different events known as the   American film festival, the Asian film Festival, the Polo Gold Cup, the Yearling sales, all of these  contribute Deauville to stay internationally well known and appreciated. . Its sandy beach is also famous for its umbrellas and his walking wooden planks have become famous thanks to  Claude Lelouch’s film « a man and a woman » (1965).

All of the different events attracts every year thousands of tourism, less than two hours from Paris, Deauville appears as a real holiday resort for the Parisian which earned him to be nicknamed the ‘21st arrondissement of Paris ». His reputation as a luxury resort is   regularly frequented by many celebrities from film, music, fashion,  economic and political world. Deauville and its region is a perfect spot to invest into a secondary residence.

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